things to think about when touring

Now that the high school fair is a mere days away and tours/open houses will be happening fast and furious, I wanted to share this again. 

Feel free to print out and take copies to schools with you. Or, how I started before I was this organized, dedicate a notebook to touring and leave a page or two for every school you go to. 

Trust me, when you’re putting your final list together at the end of November, it’ll help to have notes organized in some way, to help you remember who offered Mandarin and who had JV baseball and who required uniforms. All this can too easily become a confusing jumble, so setting up systems now will help later in the game. And having questions set up in advance, or a list of things to look for, can really help.

I’ve mentioned this before, but always worth repeating: the three things rule. When touring with my ambivalent son, it wasn’t always easy to keep him engaged. So, I instituted the three things rule. After every open house/tour, usually on the subway home or at the diner we’d inevitably end up at, he had to list the three things that stuck out the most about the school. Big, small, silly - didn’t matter. I knew though, that those snippets would help him remember more when it came time to rank schools. Even now, I still remember he noted down the purple doors at Brooklyn Latin, the great views at Millennium, the beige paint at Brooklyn Tech. Ok, I just realized the majority of his observations were visual. No surprise he’s delving deep into photography.