Academy of Software Engineering and New York Harbor School open houses

Software Engineering is a bit tricky. They’re not posting info about open houses, you have to register first and then they let you know. I suppose that’s an effective way of showing interest. You can register here:

They’re a limited unscreened school, which means showing interest makes a difference. Their first screen is Manhattan, then NYC.

The Harbor School, whose real name is Urban Assembly New York Harbor School (that just took more than a moment to find), also has open houses open for registration:

They’re open to all NYC residents. There’s lots of interest in this school and I’ll say for the right kid, it can be a good fit. But it’s not for everyone. I know kids who’ve been so happy and others trying to transfer when they got there and realized they weren’t all that interested in marine stuff. Also, keep in mind, it’s on Govenor’s Island and is a ferry ride away. Cool and challenging.