Brooklyn Tech tours vs opens house

A parent came back from a Tech tour saying the school highly encouraged families to attend the open house (thanks Liza). I'm thinking they want to phase out tours altogether. Every year there are less, they don't offer them when class is in session anymore. 

Tours at Tech specifically aren't small and intimate. Nothing at Tech is. But, it's an opportunity to be guided through the school and ask a student guides questions. 

The open house, on the other hand, is a free for all. But, a kind of fabulous free for all. They have teachers and students representing all majors set up in classes waiting to talk to you and answer questions. My daughter was an industrial design rep when she was there and came home delighted with all the people she'd talked to about what she was studying. 

I used to think tours there over open house, but as the tours become less engaging, I'm thinking open house, crazy as it is, is a good option.