additional HS applications and checking out screens

Someone today asked me about additional applications for high schools they’d come across, which stopped me in my tracks for a moment. There is only one application for main round high schools - the one you submit to your guidance counselor, with your up to 12 schools listed on it. But, it seems some screened schools have kids submit an application specific to that school. This can a bit misleading. 

To be clear, schools who have their own application don’t have a separate application process, different from the DOE list you’ll submit in December. These school specific applications are a way collecting data and any additional information or input they want about/from your child (the two samples below both have a writing component). 

When checking out screened schools, the onus is on parents to check out what the screens are, and what else you need to do to make sure your child has all the pieces in place. Some schools will have online components. Others will have applications like the ones below. Still others will have additional onsite testing and/or interviews, times to drop off a portfolio, sign up for auditions. It’s up to you to stay on top of those sign ups, dates/times your child might need to be at a school (this will be a separate sign up than open houses or tours), and making sure things get to where they need to be. 

At the end of all this, these schools with extra asks are just another listing on the DOE application. 

Hoping that made sense. Any questions, please ask.