not your screen and important dates

I’ve gotten a bunch of questions from parents asking whether or not it’s worth checking out a school you’re not in the screen for. 

The answer is, that depends. 

Check the HS directory - for each school you can see how many kids from their screens were admitted last year. I’m including a screen grab below of Eleanor Roosevelt. They took 98% of their kids from their first screen and the other 2% from their second screen. It’s a pretty good bet to say that if you don’t fit their first two screens, don’t bother putting it on your list. 

I was on a Baruch tour (district 2 school) and the principal said that while they are listed on 6000 applications, 3000 of those kids don’t match their screen. Since they fill up almost exclusively with district 2 kids, 3000 kids wasted a spot on their applications for a school there basically no chance they’d get an offer from. DON’T DO THAT. 

BUT, there are some screened schools that don’t fill up on their first or second screen. I mentioned that Millennium Brooklyn was still taking kids from Manhattan and Queens last year. Always worth checking out the data. 


You have to log into the MEMBERS ONLY section of the HS411 website and then click on IMPORTANT DATES. You’ll find sign up and open house and testing info in chronological order. For schools that have multiple tours, I’m posting sign up times only. And check out the MAIN ROUND SCHOOLS page for contact and screen info for the school I track. 

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