last year's changes plus

While much of the high school process remains relatively the same - applications are due at the beginning of December, students may list up to 12 main round choices, the specialized high schools admissions test is the sole entry for the 8 specialized high schools, the borough wide high school fair takes place at Brooklyn Tech in September, schools host open houses/tours - things can change along the way, from both the Department of Education (DOE) and schools themselves. 

For example, last year:

    The specialized high school admissions test changed for the first time in 20 years (info about the changes is posted on the HS411 website)

    NEST+M stopped doing additional testing as part of their admissions screen

    Clinton no longer does interviews and essay writing in their screen

    Baruch dropped their essay as well

    The DOE ended the “limited unscreened” admissions method (showing interest in a school  by going on a tour or signing up with them at a fair would increase chances of getting in)

    Manhattan Hunter Science ditched tours altogether and only offered information online

    Brooklyn Tech offered 2 open houses but changed their minds and scaled back to one

Some of these changes happened over the summer or in the fall, after high school handbooks had been printed and distributed. And, not everyone does a great job of letting families know what the changes are. 

So, the point of this email is - you never know. I heard from someone tonight, from last year’s list, checking in to see if tomorrow was the day Clinton was interviewing. Apparently that info is still listed somewhere on their website, even though it’s no longer happening. 

As soon as I hear real time info or about any changes (last year it started mid-March), I’ll be sending it out to families, And, if you hear of anything along the way, please let me know. I check to confirm whenever possible to make sure all info I’m sharing is up to date and valid.