a bit more info about today's changes

Hey folks, 

This is early in the process to be hearing from me so much, but, as I’d mentioned in an earlier email, things change and I wanted to talk a bit more about what I sent out today. 

First: changes to the SHSAT. The test had been the same for 20 or so years and then last year they changed it pretty much under the radar and without testing the actual test. Not surprising that they’re switching things around this go round. I imagine they’ll be fine tuning it for a few years to come. What makes this challenging is that for kids taking the test, there won’t be practice exams available as this is the first time they’re administering this particular version.

Second: state test scores releasing in September. Hmm. This one is a bit more frustrating. Many schools use data as how they rank students - data generally includes state test scores, grades, and attendance. So, it’s important to know if your child fits the criteria a school is looking for. Example: if a school is looking for state scores of 4 plus, and your child has a 3.4, they don’t fit the rubric. If a school is looking for grades over 85 (math, science, social studies, English), and your child has an 81 average, they’re not a fit. 

When looking at schools and figuring out your touring schedule, you want to make sure you’re not wasting time seeing schools your child doesn’t fit the screen for. Many schools have been starting sign ups in August for fall tours. Not knowing state test scores before mid-September means you won’t know if your child fits into the data schools are looking for. 

Some advice: you might think about saying something to your guidance department, principal, or calling 311 and reach out to the DOE.