a quick word about SHSAT test day

Whether you’ve got the early or late test time, you most likely won’t feel line standing in line far ages, especially if the weather isn’t good. 

Both times we got to our test site half an hour os so before the test start time. NOTE: check train schedules before you leave your house if you’re traveling by subway. The line gets super long - they let kids in in line order and send them to classrooms. At least that’s how it generally works. Last year I heard about kids spending hours in the Tech auditorium and no one seemed to know why.

If you’re planning on meeting your kid after the test, plan a meeting place in advance. Trust me, as a mom who couldn’t find her child after the test was over, I know how challenging it can be to track someone down in a sea of thousands. When you drop your kid off there should be signs posted about what time they will be released.

At Stuy parents lined up at the side door and applauded as kids came out. it was very sweet. I brought snacks with me, which both kids appreciated.

And keep in mind there could be post test fall out. Jack actually felt a bit lost without all that extra work. We had a ceremonial throwing out of all his test prep stuff. That helped with closure.