Bard Manhattan Spring Open House info! *TIMELY*

Bard Manhattan spring open house sign up info is on their website:

Online registration opens on April 10. They generally open this up at 10am and it sells out in minutes. No kidding, in 5 or so minutes all spots are gone. They do host more open houses/tours in the fall so if you don’t make it to this, you’ll still have other opportunities to see the school. The open house is on April 24.

There is also a Bard in LIC. Both schools say that attending open houses/tours at either school gives you a sense of both. Same curriculums, say set up.

From their website (which is the link above):

Spring Open Houses 2018

Prospective students and their parents may visit BHSEC Manhattan during an Open House to find out more about the school. At the open house you will hear from the administration, faculty, and current students, then you will be allowed to tour the campus. You need to register online to attend an open house. Please be aware that attending an open house is not required for admission at Bard High School Early College (BHSEC). There are no wait lists. 

Open House Dates  (Online registration is required which will begin April 10, 2018)
April 24, 2018 at 5:30 p.m.

(Tips: When you register, you must select the date and indicate how many people are in your party. If you attend a public or charter school, please know the DBN and name of school. DBN=District, Borough, Number. Registrants will have 6 minutes to complete registration.)


Special Education Information Session

For students with an IEP or who receive special education services for 20% or more of the school day.

For current 8th grade students and families to learn about the special education opportunities and services at Bard High School Early College. Please check back for spring dates.

Spring 2018 Dates   (TBD)