Bronx Science Spring Open House

For those of you interested in Bronx Science, one of the 8 test-in specialized high schools, their spring open house is already up on their calendar. If you’re interested, mark it in yours. It’s Wednesday, June 6:

Bronx Science is the only specialized school that hosts a spring open house. Brooklyn Latin has held spring tours in the past, but that might not be happening going forward. 

All open house dates I send out are also posted in the IMPORTANT DATES section of the HS411 website. And all emails I send are posted on the HS411 BLOG.

FYI, all specialized schools host open houses in the fall, generally in 2-3 weeks before the SHSAT. Getting one out of the way in the spring is great - I did that with both my kids. In fact, after traveling from the village to the Bronx, both decided that while the school was terrific, that commute wasn’t for either one of them. That wiped HSAS (High School of American Studies at Lehman College), which down the block from Bronx Science, off their lists as well.