*TIMELY INFO* Bard Manhattan sign ups 10am THIS MORNING

Last night I dreamed the sign ups went live at 4am and I was scrambling to get you that new info before everyone else realized. But, that was just a dream and it’s still 10am today:


This is a good moment to mention again that every school handles tour/open house sign ups differently and how schools handle things can change from year to year. Last year Bard Manhattan and Queens had open house sign ups launch the same day. This year Bard Queens isn’t hosting a spring open house. Last year both Bards hosted student led tours - that was a new addition for the Manhattan campus. In fact, they added new offerings several times to try and accommodate more families. In the past they’d only held one spring and one fall open house. 

Last year NEST was a super popular tour and they added more several more as the fall went on. Some schools let you know when things go live and if they’ll be adding more options. Others are rather stealthy and sign up opportunities quietly appear with no fanfare. And then there’s also how different schools handle things when you get there. Some require printed tickets, some check you off a checklist, some don’t check at all. 

In the past, Bard checks you in.

The DOE, as part of their diversity initiative, is working to make more schools accessible to more families. I wish they’d streamline the process and have all schools use eventbrite or a similar system to introduce some consistency to all of this. But for now, it’s all still rather chaotic and scattered. 

NOTE: I post all date info in the IMPORTANT DATES section of the HS411 website - so you have one place to check to see what’s coming up.