*TIMELY INFO* NEST spring open house and Brooklyn Latin info

I’ve written recently that things change from year to year and today (thanks Adriana!) I learned that 

NEST is hosting a spring information session. First time ever.

Sign up for is here:


more info here:



They’re quite clear that this is NOT a tour of the facilities, but it could be a great opportunity to hear about the school. Last year NEST dropped their additional testing for admissions. They also have a newish principal - he used to be the AP at Lab High School - and interest in the school seemed to go through the roof. They kept adding opportunities for people to tour, as so many were interested. 


Brooklyn Latin IS hosting 3 school tours this spring. Info is posted on their calendar but sign ups aren’t live yet.


You might want to reach out to their contact at school for more info about signing up: dpalma@brooklynlatin.org.

NOTE: Something to keep in mind with tours that take place during the school day: middle schools will count this as a lateness, as your child will be late to school if they attend a tour. They’re not an excused lateness and that info will factor into the attendance data on their transcript. Some parents go on this tour in the spring, to see if it’s a good fit for their kid, and then take their child in the fall. 8th grade attendance info doesn’t count in the high school admissions process.