comprehensive checklist from InsideSchools

InsideSchools put together this comprehensive timeline/check list about this high school process:

This is a terrific resource. I’ll add that they suggest checking the DOE calendar for high school events. In the past it hasn’t been a complete listing of things, and it’s not always correct. I always double check school websites to make sure info is up to date. Also, as you’re seeing, info is already being posted about spring open house offerings, and that kicks back into gear in August. Good to stay on top of things before school starts in the fall. That’s also what I’m here for. 

One last thing I’ll mention about this list: in DECEMBER and JANUARY they mention wrapping up remaining interviews, etc. This is a super unfortunate part of the process. Some schools hold their additional interviews/testing after applications are due. I’ll write more about this in the fall, but keep in mind it can work more to your advantage to get these things scheduled earlier, so you’ve got all your facts before application submission.