Brooklyn latin spring tour signs ups info

Tours are NOW FULL. They are NO LONGER accepting sign ups. 

second email:

I wanted to get that info about tour sign ups (thanks Colin!) out ASAP, but wanted to point out a few things. 

Brooklyn Latin posted info on their home page:

but they haven’t updated their VISIT US page yet:

Schools are staffed with humans and not everything is updated at the same time. Or at all. Last year Baruch got rid of their essay as part of their admissions screen, but didn’t delete references to it everywhere on their website - that led to some major drama with people thinking they’d missed something important. A couple of years ago Beacon changed an open house date and changed it in their visit the school section but not on their homepage. There have been discrepancies between what’s posted on the DOE calendar and on school websites. The DOE calendar doesn’t have info for all schools. Sometimes they post info before the schools do themselves—it can be a bit messy on a variety of levels. 

If you see anything that raises a red flag, let me know and I’ll do my best to get to the bottom of it.

And, if you hear about anything out there, please let me know. As you’re already seeing, every year brings different/new things, often with no advance notice.

first email;

If you’re interested in checking out Brooklyn Latin this spring, they’ve got a few tours happening. They’ll also host more tours and an open house in the fall. 

You can sign up here:

Keep in mind, these are during the school day and if your child attends, it will count as a lateness on their transcript.