past changes and things coming up

When I went through the high school process with my daughter, everything seems pretty set in stone. Parents who’d gone through it before shared info and it seemed like a complicated and confusing but generally well-oiled machine that creaked along from year to year. 

I was wrong. 

Every year things change. I will absolutely give you a head’s up if/when it happens, but keep in mind, this process can shift and families are not necessarily given a timely head’s up.

Some examples:

3 years ago, Millennium dropped their essay requirement in the process. 

2 years ago LaGuardia hosted their first open house, the SHSAT changed for the first time in 20 years, Baruch dropped their suggested essay, Beacon stopped interviewing everyone who submitted portfolios, Bard Manhattan upped their open houses to accommodate more people. 

Last year NEST stopped their additional testing (that was decided the summer between 7/8th grade and so info in the High School Handbook was wrong), Clinton dropped their interview/essay writing, the SHSAT changed again, Bard Manhattan added student led tours . . . you get the idea.


ELA and math scores won’t be released until mid-September. In the past they were released mid-August. 

Bard Queens won’t be hosting a spring open house - instead they’ll be hosting only student led tours. And, they’re part of a Diversity Initiative pilot program and will giving priority to applicants eligible who get free/reduced lunch for up to 63% of their seats. Info at school finder:

more about the diversity initiative:

I’m not sure how this will work, but will dig around and see what I can find out.