email craziness

Yesterday was a taste of what things can get like - usually it’s not that busy until fall. 

I do my best to share info in as timely a fashion as possible so you have a chance to sign up before things sell out, but sometimes there are glitches. Like yesterday, the organizer of the specialized high schools principal forum had no idea their flier had a dead link until people from the list reached out and I let her know it wasn’t working. Something similar happened with that District 1 and 2 open house. It looked like it was sold out but then more spaces opened up. 

Nothing about this process is exact. It changes from year to year. Sometimes it even changes from day to day. 

Thank you for letting me know when things aren’t working. And, going forward, if you hear of anything out there, please give a shout. I’ll do my best to investigate and figure out the real story whenever possible.