*TIMELY INFO REMINDER * Bard Manhattan Spring Open house signups launch

Again, signups for Bard Manhattan’s spring open house kick off tomorrow, 4/10 at 10am:


Click on the April 24 line and it’ll take you to an eventbrite page.

If you’re interested in seeing this school in the spring, I’d suggest you have the page open before 10am and are ready to click. This sells out in minutes and often their website crashes. It can get a bit nerve-wracking. 

If you don’t score a spot, don’t worry - they will host more in the fall. Last year they had several open houses and student led tours as well. 

Still waiting on info about their special ed info session.


Bard Queens isn’t hosting an open house this spring. They’re having a bunch of student led tours instead:


and no registration is required for these. We’ll see how that goes. They too are hosting a special ed info session - nothing posted about that date yet.


NOTE: the curriculum is the same in both Bards and both schools will tell you that you can tour either campus to get an idea of what the schools are about.