audio recording and feedback from last night's specialized high schools

SO many thanks to Vanessa for recording and sharing her audio recording of last night’s forum:


And to Melissa, for thoughtfully sharing the following on Facebook:

Hi Friends,
My son and I attended the SHS principal’s meeting last evening at Brooklyn Tech. All of the schools (except LaGuardia) were represented by their principal or AP. I appreciated putting a face and personality to each school and getting a better feel for their individual characteristics.

They each described their philosophy, size, methods, and focus of curriculum. Some more STEM-based, others have more opportunities in Arts and Music. BK Latin offers an IB curriculum. They all offer several languages. There are schools with fewer than 500 students and then there’s the staggering population of 6000 at BT. Several of them are at around 2500. They are all very inspired and fascinating places and none of them disappointed. 

They all promise 2-3 hours of homework, highly dependent on how many APs the student takes, and most of them run a 9 or 10 period day which may run 1-9 or 2-10 on a staggered schedule. Most start at 8am-3:30pm with a vast array of clubs and sports after school.