upcoming events and SO many changes

There are some events happening in the next week or so that I wanted to give a reminder/head’s up about. The events are brand new and so I have almost no info about them other than that they’re happening. 

There are specialized high school fairs in Brooklyn and the Bronx on 5/19whichare sponsored by the DOE and I’m pretty sure they’re part of their diversity initiative, meant to inform and educate more families about the SHSAT and test in schools:


The District 1 and 2 high school fair, also on 5/19 is a mystery. I called the number posted on the sign up form and even the person who answered the phone didn’t know who sponsored the event or who will be there. We concluded that perhaps it’s being staged by District 1. If anyone goes, please let me know what it was like: 


There will be an open house atQueens High School for the Scienceson 5/22. I spoke to three people there and couldn’t get an answer about if anyone could come and if you needed to sign up. 

So far 2018 is full of more changes going forward:

  • Bard Queens and NYC iSchool are part of the diversity initiative and will be looking to fill 60% of their seat with kids eligible for free/reduced lunch. 
  • There won’t be a citywide high school fair at Brooklyn Tech in the fall. Instead there will be 2 fairs in each borough.
  • State test scores will be released mid September, not mid August as in the past. 

There have been a host of changes and new things as well that have already happened. I’m keeping a running list as the changes are so prolific this year. 

Some things do stay the same though - theBronx Science Open houseis on 6/6. It happens every June like clock work. 

Sign up here:https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdJpRy4pMY9urnIjIO8uWXLkd2cdd7a2PrvVlHovVDYr8JrJQ/viewform?c=0&w=1si

NOTE: not all the events listed above are posted on the DOE high school events calendar. Every year the calendar gets a bit more comprehensive, but there are still plenty of holes.