visiting specialized high schools

As mentioned before Bronx Science is having their spring open house on June 6. This is one you register for - registration info isn’t posted on their site yet. And while you register, no one checks you in when you get to the school. Registration is more for them to get a sense of how many families are showing up.


This is the ONLY specialized open house in the spring. EVERY OTHER specialized high school, including LaGuardia, will host an open house in the fall. LaG is relatively new at this - they’ve only hosted open houses for 2 years and that one has been one you sign up for and they check you in. Most others are open to everyone with no registration necessary. Those generally take place in the 3 weeks before the SHSAT. Once that info is available, I’ll share with everyone.


Brooklyn Tech and Brooklyn Latin also offer tours in the fall, which you need to sign up for. Brooklyn Tech has been offering fewer and fewer tours each year. I’m curious to see what they do this fall. Their tours are always after school. Brooklyn Latin hosts the same Friday morning tours they offered in the spring.