Kudos to the principal of Leon M. Goldstein High School for the Sciences for putting together this remarkable document. Not only does he share his school’s individual rubric for ranking students, he clearly explains how the whole system works. This should be mandatory reading for all families in the beginning of 7th grade: 

CLICK HERE for the Leon M. Goldstein rubric/awesome explanation.

NOTE: this is ONE SCHOOL’S method of ranking. Keep in mind that EVERY SINGLE HIGH SCHOOL (expect the 8 test in specialized schools) has it’s own admissions rubric. Some post it on their website, some hand it out at HS fairs. Some don’t share it anywhere. They are supposed to be public and it’s something you can certainly ask about on tours/open houses. If you come across any, please share. I’m going to post the ones I have on the HS411 website.