while talking about specialized schools open houses (plus new high school directory is up) . . .

In the fall EVERY specialized high school hosts an open house. They generally will take place in the 3 or so weeks before the first SHSAT date. The DOE makes sure that at least among the specialized high schools there are no date conflicts. 

Brooklyn Tech and Brooklyn Latin have, in the past, offered tours as well. Every year Tech offers fewer and it seems they’re trying to eventually stop hosting them and stick just with the open house. Their tours take place after school hours. Brooklyn Latin’s usually take place on Friday mornings, so you can go into classrooms and see students. 

I’ll write more about this as these open houses get closer, but it’s good to have in the back of your mind that each school (as with main round as well), handles them differently. If you’re going to Bronx Science tonight, it’s going to be a self guided experience - families can wander the building themselves and talk to students, teachers, and admin who are there to answer questions and provide info. Their open house in the fall is exactly the same. Brooklyn Tech operates the same way. Stuyvesant hosts 2 open houses, split by borough, where you wait in line and are then escorted through the building by students, after seeing a presentation in the auditorium. 

And FYI, if you haven’t gotten your high school directory yet, the new version is up: