DOE summer family workshops materials

Attached are the materials the DOE is sharing during their summer family workshops. More are happening this week - all that info is in the IMPORTANT DATES section of the HS411 website.

A couple of quick notes about their materials:

The DOE suggests using a college approach when looking at schools, sorting them by reach, target, and likely. That sort of makes sense as it’s good to have a range when you’re filling out applications, but that system works best when you’re applying to a bunch of schools, anticipating a bunch of offers. Not as effective when you’re only getting one main round offer at the end of the process. 

They also do a breakout about how offers are giving to specialized schools. I found it hard to follow and am thinking perhaps the presentation works better in person. In a nutshell (I’ll be writing tons more about this later), score trumps everything. These numbers are totally made up, but a kid who gets a 515 and ranks Bronx Science second will get a seat over a kid who gets a 514 but  ranked it first. Also, once a cut off score is established for each school, every kid who got that score and ranked it will get it. Example, if Brooklyn Tech’s cut off score is 485, then every kid who ranked and scored that will get a seat. 

Cut offs and offers are fluid and change every year. 

CLICK HERE for the DOE's powerpoint presentation.

CLICK HERE for their high school admissions workbook.










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