keeping track of everything

A quick helpful hint:

You might thing about setting up a system now to keep track of important dates, deadlines, open houses, sign ups, etc. When things ramp up it can be challenging to stay on top of everything if you don’t have some sort of structure in place.

I used ical and made a separate calendar for all school related stuff and also had a designated notebook to jot info about schools and anything else I needed. I also had a specific folder to keep all the handouts we got from schools and printouts of admissions tickets (some schools check tickets you can download when you sign up for a tour). Some people used excel spreadsheets, google docs, had white boards to help track things—whatever works best for you will truly make a difference in the chaos. 

And, when I send out an email about dates going live, jot them down in the moment if you can. Going back through emails to find info can be nothing but frustrating. I do post all the emails I send to my blog on the HS411 website, plus I list important dates as well, so you’ve always got those as back ups. 

Note: if a school has multiple tours, I don’t list them all individually. That gets overwhelming to slog through. I list all dates and a link for more info on the first date. And, if a school lets you know when sign ups go live (again, remember not all schools do sign ups), I post that as well.

This whole process is sort of a work in progress. By the time you feel like you’re kind of getting a handle on things, it’s over. But for now, setting up a way to organize things will help in the long run.