summer tour/open house timeline

People have been asking about when schools start posting info about their fall tours/open houses. 

Great question that there’s no concrete answer to. But, I’ve noticed over the past few years that info is being posted earlier in the summer than it used to be. My theory is that principals are in their schools all summer and that gives people time to organize when things are a bit calmer. Teachers and admin come back before students do and it seems that for some schools that’s become a good time to pull their offerings together and get stuff on websites, before the crunch of classes starts. 

Keep in mind, things change every year. Last year LaGuardia announced their fall open house in early July (that required signing up) and by mid July all specialized open houses were posted on the DOE website - this year just about nothing has been shared yet. And, remember every school handles the whole open house/tour thing differently as you’re already seeing.

If you hear of anything at all, please let me know and I’ll check it out.