real world admissions cut offs

When it comes to screened schools, every school has it’s own rubric of how they use data and additional info they might include when ranking students. Those rubrics aren’t listed in the High School Directory. Some schools make them readily available, others never share that info. If you come across any admissions rubrics, please let me know. I’m working to pull together as many as I can for the schools HS411 tracks. 

Some parents asked if it was possible to know what the bottom “cut off” of screens schools are, the way you do with specialized schools (keep in mind the specialized high school cut offs are self reported - the DOE doesn’t release that info). The answer is mostly no. No one publishes that. But, what schools often DO provide in the HS directory is a range of data from the previous year. I included a screen grabs of Millennium Manhattan as an example below. Last year they admitted students with averages from 91-100 and test scores of 3.2-4.5. But, also below in the screen grab from their website about their rubric, they consider a total 90 average, noting that kids DO NOT need a 90 in every class, and 3 or 4s on state tests. So, you can sometimes kind of get a sense of what schools are looking for and what the lowest grades/test scores they accepted are. 

The last year data can be helpful to take into consideration when looking at and ranking schools. But things can and do change every year. Schools get more popular, which drives up their cut offs, or their popularity wanes, which lowers their bottom grades/test scores. 

Note: Millenium Manhattan looks for less than 10 COMBINED absences/latenesses. Most school look for less than 10 absences AND 10 latenesses. 

I’m throwing data for Eleanor Roosevelt (district 2) in just for another comparison. Last year their offers went to grades of 93-100 and test scores of 4.0-4.5 while their rubric is looking for 90 and above in grades and 3/4 on state tests. They DON’T combine attendance data.