another piece of the Bard puzzle

If you want your child considered for admission at either Bard, you have to sign up for their assessment. Kids can take the it at either Bard Queens or Bard Manhattan. Both schools administer the same assessment that will be used for admissions consideration at both schools.

Info for Manhattan is here, but you can’t start signing up until September 5th.

Queens info is here - again you can’t sign up until September 5th:

Just to make it a bit more confusing, the sign up set up is different at each school. 

AFTER the assessments, some students are invited back for interviews. My advice—do the assessment earlier so you’ll find out if they’re granted an interview before high school applications are due. In the past Bard has interviewed kids into January and that’s an extra stress as you’re putting your final list together, not knowing if an interview has been granted or how the interview went.