Brooklyn Tech tour sign ups go live tomorrow morning

According to Tech’s webmaster, tour sign ups will go live tomorrow morning—but he wasn’t sure what time.

I’m thinking info will be posted in the news and announcements section on the homepage (they just redid the website last spring so I’m not 100% sure on this):

FYI, Tech hosts a bunch of tours, starting just after school starts and up until before the SHSAT. They’re all at 4pm and in the past start with someone from the administration giving an overview of the school. Then student guides escort families around the building after classes are over for the day. Each tour is capped at 200 or so—people are split into smaller groups when they head out with guides—and there are 10 or so tours so these don’t sell out in minutes. But, if you want to take a tour, sign up sooner rather than later. 

It’s not necessary to go on a tour and to the open house. As I’ve written before though, they’re very different events. The tour is a lovely way to get a sense of the building (it’s massive), and a sense of what the school is about. The open house is chaos, but there are tons of people to talk to and you’ll be able to get much more specific info.

A suggestion: don’t sign up tours at the very beginning of the year if you can go later. Tour guides haven’t found their groove yet and it’s pretty likely your kids won’t be in touring mindset when they’re dealing with the first few days of back to school. 

Note: the chandeliers in Tech’s auditorium were made by Tiffany and were recently refurbished. It’s also the third largest theater in NYC, after Radio City and Kings Theatre in Brooklyn. Oh, and the mural in the lobby was a WPA project.