a head’s up about NEST sign ups

Last year NEST seemed to get WAY more popular, at least in terms of people wanting to visit the school. They started with a couple of open houses and added more, more than once, to keep up with demand. 

This year they’ve announced they’re hosting 8:


but it seems they won’t let you know in advance exactly when sign ups will go live. I’m checking a couple of times a day at this point but I’m suggesting if you’re interested in this school, keep checking yourself to see if sign ups go live

When there’s a high demand, sometimes thing sell out before I have a chance to write an email and let people know. Brooklyn families: that ALWAYS happens with Murrow tours, but their open houses are open to everyone so at least you get to see the school. 

Back to NEST - I think they’re more on people’s radar as they have a newish principal and he ditched additional testing as part of their high school screen last year. Now NEST is data only.