school websites and outdated info

If you’ve been checking out school websites you might have noticed that not all of them are up to date at the moment. In fact, a fair share have info posted about last year’s open houses/tours/sign ups and that can be misleading if you glance and don’t see the year. Or, some schools don’t include the year and you only realize it’s last year’s information when you check dates on a calendar (that’s happened to me this season). Plus, some schools still have info about a limited unscreened admissions method (the one where you got preference for attending an open house or signing in with schools at a high school fair) that the DOE did away with this year. 

As you’re seeing, this process is challenging on many levels. Just navigating each school’s website and tracking down info is a journey. And then, when the info isn’t there, or it’s wrong, whew. I’ll do my best to clear up questions you have.