a whole bunch more dates and info from the DOE website

A whole bunch of touring info has been posted on the DOE website. Again, until it’s posted on a school website I don’t consider it set in stone, but it’s a good indicator of what most likely will happen.

In the list below, everything in RED has been posted on school websites and I’ve sent that out to you before. Info in PURPLE is on the DOE high school events calendar, but not yet on individual school websites. I’m finding that when you click on events on the DOE calendar you don’t get info about whether or not you need to sign up for anything. That would be helpful.

Wherever info is available I’ve noted: NO ADVANCE REGISTRATION NECESSARY or MUST SIGN UP. That info is based on what’s noted on school websites and/or prior knowledge. Some schools aren’t totally clear yet. For example, Frank Sinatra has open house dates posted on its school calendar, but nowhere else. There are a couple of schools that don’t even have websites, like Pace, and I’m working to find out how you can sign up for an open house if there’s nowhere to sign up.

I’d also like to say, again, that the difference between open houses and tours can be ambiguous. Everyone should just call them school visits. Examples: Beacon and Stuy host open houses that everyone can attend, but then they split attendees into groups once inside the building and guides escort you to a few predetermined locations. Bronx Science and Brooklyn Tech also host open houses that everyone can attend where you wander the building on your own. Eleanor Roosevelt hosts open houses, but they’re for a finite number of people and you must sign up. There’s a presentation in the auditorium and then you’re free to wander. At Lab and Millenium, it’s tours for a capped number of people with a guide during the school day. At other schools tours take place in the evening. I’m noticing there are more Saturday offerings this year.

By now, if you’ve been checking websites, you’ll have noticed there’s zero standardization in sharing info and yes, that can be frustrating.

Also, some schools let you know when sign ups are going to go live. I’ve noted info below from schools who provide that or I’ve been in touch with. Others are random and so it’s all about checking websites on a regular basis.

I heard through a grapevine that Stuy was switching the open house that’s conflicting with Tech another day. But, I’m not seeing that change posted anywhere.

That’s it for the moment. Yes, this is a lot. But it’s helpful to have info available now so you can start planning your falls.

Ok, one more thing: I’m going to post this list on the HS411 website, in the members section and will keep updating it as info is posted on school websites.