specialized schools open house recap

In the past, the DOE helped coordinate specialized school open house dates, to make sure there were no conflicts. Seems like they didn’t do that this year as Brooklyn Tech and one of Stuy’s open houses are happening on the same night. I reached out to the DOE and they’re going to have Stuy make sure families know everyone is welcome at the October 10 date (that’s the one they scheduled for Manhattan and Brooklyn families).

Most of these open houses are straight up open, you just show up. Bronx Science asks people to register, so they have a sense of how many to expect, but they don’t check you in. That sign up isn’t live yet. LaGuardia also has you register and in the past they’ve checked tickets. Still waiting to get dates for LaG, Queens at York college, and Staten Island Tech.

Also, Brooklyn Tech hosts tours as well as an open house. Those happen at 4pm so there are still kids in the building but you don’t go into live classes. That sign up info will go live later in August. Brooklyn Latin has also hosted tours during the school day. They don’t have anything on their website yet.

Bronx High School of Science

Wednesday, October 3,  no time posted yet




Brooklyn Latin

Thursday, October 18, 5-7pm



Brooklyn Tech

Wednesday, October 10, 6-8pm



High School for Math, Science and Engineering

Wednesday, October 17, 5-8pm, suggested arrival time 4:30



High School of American Studies at Lehman College

Thursday, October 11, 5:30-7pm






Queens High School for the Sciences at York College



Staten Island Tech




Tuesday, October 9, Wednesday, October 10