NEW STUFF: recent changes to the system

As you’re noticing, especially if you’ve been through this process before, things change. And, not all schools do a great job at scrubbing old info from websites, which can be misleading (if you search Baruch’s site, you can still  find info about a writing part of their screen which they ditched a couple of years ago, others have last year’s info posted as well).


BEACON no longer does interviews and now asks for 2 essays instead of one.

NEST no longer does additional testing for kids interested in their school.

CLINTON no longer does writing samples/interviews.

MILLENIUM MANHATTAN no longer has an essay portion of their screen.

BARUCH ditched their essay portion as well.

And BREAKING: the DOE is changing how students register for the SHSAT/LaGuardia. Starting this year you’ll be registering your kids yourselves. I’ve heard from a bunch of parents who’ve heard from their schools that the DOE will be sending info on Friday as to how all this will work. 28k or so register for the SHSAT. I’m hoping the DOE tested their new set up endlessly and are guaranteeing there won’t be glitches. We’ll see how that goes.