MORE INFO about MyStudents, especially for private school parents

Just got off the phone with the DOE high school helpline. They’re literally figuring this out in real time. I sat with a lovely woman as she read through her instructions on how things work.

Private school families CAN sign up for the MySchools set up and then do things online instead of through your guidance counselor.

HOW? You’ll be able to do it through your guidance counselor OR a family welcome center. Either will be able to provide you with an account creation code and a temporary OSIS number and that will enable you to set up an account for your child.

My advice: I would suggest going through a family welcome center for this. This is going to be confusing to public school guidance departments. Private schools aren’t in the info loop and I wouldn’t necessarily trust they’ll know what to do.

SO, to wrap up: EVERYONE will be able to set up a MySchools account:

Public school parents should be getting an account creation code from the DOE. I was told that you’d also be able to get that info from your school. You can also contact a family welcome center:

or call the DOE high school help number: 1.718.935.2393

Whew. Seriously, this is the messiest school year start I’ve ever seen. But I’ll do my best to get you the info you need. 

Lastly, this is DIFFERENT than the MyStudent account where you get test scores and see grades.