MySchools sign ups are already happening - you can try this

One intrepid parent called 311, who transferred her to the DOE, who gave her the code she needed to activate her MySchools account and she already signed her child up for the SHSAT.

OMG. I’m still wrapping my head around all these changes. 

If you’re so inspired to sign up and get started, I’d super appreciate any screen shots you can grab of what things look like. You don’t have to include your child’s name. I’d love to get a sense of how things look and what’s possible in these unchartered waters. 

NOTE: seems you STILL will be able to sign up through your guidance counselor AND through a family welcome center. There are now going to be 3 options. And from the parent who already signed up for the SHSAT, only the afternoon time slot was available. I’m assuming the DOE is holding onto the morning slots for kids who register through their guidance counselors so they can keep schools together as they have in the past.