ELRO updates

They only have registration open for October 3:


On their homepage they mention there will be 2 other open house dates, 10/24 and 11/3. Those sign ups will go live at another time.

ELRO sign ups are always a bit tricky to find, but this year takes the cake. An open house button that goes nowhere, a message on the homepage that they’ll go live tomorrow, and making that registration link live on that left drop down menu is confusing. 
MY ADVICE: you might want to think about waiting for a later date. I took both my kids after the SHSAT.

There is now a green OPEN HOUSE tab on the home page, left side:


Someone knows someone who actually signed up that way today (that sounds like the stuff of urban legends), but there’s no longer a sign up form at that link. It takes you to an OPEN HOUSE TOURS page, which is different than the REGISTER FOR AN OPEN HOUSE page that’s listed under admissions information. That page still says the 17th. But the homepage says sign ups will go live on the 18th. We’ll see. 

I’ll keep checking. If something goes live, please let me know.

Eleanor Roosevelt’s home page is now saying open house sign ups will go live tomorrow at 10:30am:


It sounds like they’re only opening up registration for those 3, but they’ve got more open houses scheduled and sign ups for those will happen at a later date. On their open house sign up page though, they still have today listed as the day they go live. I reached out to the school but haven’t heard anything yet.

My gut is that tomorrow at 10:30 things will kick into place, but I’ll keep checking today, just in case.