SHSAT webinar link and info about proctored practice tests

Here’s the webinar I did last week about the SHSAT:

It’s an hour or so but hopefully you’ll get some good info that you didn’t know before.

The tutoring company that hosted the webinar does SHSAT practice tests and sends you scored reports. More info, directly from them:

We hold proctored testing every Saturday and Sunday (excluding holidays) starting at 9:30 am with a 9:10 arrival time at our office in Union Square. If a student is working with a Noodle Pros tutor the proctoring and score report are included in their tutoring. If they are not working with Noodle Pros, it is a $70 charge for each student. This must be paid the Wednesday at 5 pm before testing, which means parents should start scheduling that Monday so we can get all the information we need. Students are required to bring their own test. On the Monday following testing, typically around 2 pm we send full score reports to the students and the families. 

Email: to sign up and feel free to let her know you heard about this from me.