ERB conversion to comparable NY State test scores

Last year a very kind parent, going through the process with her second child, shared how ERBs are converted to info for the DOE system. 

Hoping her experience sheds some light on at least the testing comparisons for families going from private to public. 

In her words: 

If your student takes the ERB you will be looking for the “National Norm Percentage” shown on your results. This will be converted to a “Proficiency Rating” - a decimal number (X.XX) which is what schools will use to rank your student. Information about how the proficiency rating is generated is not available to the public. You will have to ask the person at your school who will be inputting your scores into the DOE system what your exact number will be. 

Each year the DOE puts out a new conversion chart for “alternate tests” such as the ERB to scale the scores to match the NY State tests. For 2017-18 the following conversions are applicable:

National Norm 65% - 3.17 ELA / 2.97 Math

National Norm 70% - 3.31 ELA / 3.19 Math

National Norm 75% - 3.48 ELA / 3.42 Math

National Norm 80% - 3.66 ELA / 3.69 Math

National Norm 85% - 3.90 ELA / 4.00 Math

National Norm 90% - 4.04 ELA / 4.09 Math

National Norm 95% - 4.15 ELA / 4.23 Math

National Norm 97% - 4.23 ELA / 4.33 Math

National Norm 99% - 4.41 ELA / 4.49 Math

When a school says they are looking for "3s and 4s" they are looking for scores in the range of the chart above. Of course, the higher your number, the higher your student will be ranked at the screened school.

Please note: This chart changes every year! For example two years ago a National Norm of 98% would have converted to a proficiency rating of 4.12 ELA / 4.33 Math 

We went from Private to Public. This was our experience:

All 7th grade grades and test scores are input into the DOE system by your school. Based on Elissa's advice, I asked for a receipt after this was done so that I could see what was input. 

Our grades were not on a 0-100% scale - they were entered as "ME: Mastery - Exceeds" or "MA: Mastery - Above." For screened schools, we had to speak with each school during tours because most of them ranked based on number grades. Millennium told us they were glad we spoke up because they hadn't seen that system before, and since their ranking is automated, they may not have made it into their ranking, when they in fact qualified. ElRo told us they see private school grades all the time so they know how to interpret them. Every school is different, so ask and ask and ask. 

For ERBs they were entered as follows. I'm showing actual numbers here for reference because I have no idea how the "Scaled score" and "Proficiency rating" are generated. Those numbers were not on our ERB results, and I couldn't get to the bottom of where those numbers came from no matter how many times I asked. It's probably a scaled translation, but who knows! My guess is that schools will use that "Proficiency rating" number as the one to rank your student with.

Hope this helps!



Test Type: ERB

Entered Score: 98

Scaled Score: 382

Math Proficiency Rating: 4.33



Test Type: ERB

Entered Scores:

Verbal Score: 99

Writing Score: 97

Scaled Score: 363

ELA Proficiency rating: 4.12



Elissa Stein