NEST open house sign ups MIGHT go live tomorrow, and back to school jitters

Yes, I know that info about NEST sign ups maybe going live tomorrow is vague. I heard from someone at the school and they said their sign ups should be live by September 4, which is tomorrow. Staff is back in buildings tomorrow and could be more things start to happen.

I’ll be checking NEST first thing in the morning and if it’s not live, will keep checking back. If you’re able to sign up for something, please let me know.

Whenever NEST sign ups do go live, they should be at this link:

Again, NEST no longer does additional testing as a part of their admissions screen. They stopped that last year. They ONLY consider data (attendance, grades and test scores) in ranking.

And I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling back to school jitters this year. My little one is a senior and we’re all consumed with the college process. I have to say though, experiencing NYC’s high school process and prepping for the SHSAT helped us all get a sense of how to organize, to prepare, and also how to manage stress and expectations.