school rubrics vs directory info

Good to keep in mind: individual school rubrics—that is, what each school is looking for in applicants—is different than info posted in the high school directory. The directory isn’t listing a school’s rubric, instead they’re noting data ranges of who was offered seats from the prior year. The comparison is sort of fantasy vs reality. Very often the data is remarkably similar. Sometimes there are sizable discrepancies. And sometimes the info isn’t quite clear in the directory.

I’m using NEST as an example. Their rubric is posted on their website. That info is supposed to be shared and transparent, but not all schools make it easy to find. Absolutely something you can ask about when touring. GREAT that NEST posted both gen ed and SWD (students with disabilities) rubrics. I hadn't seen that before. They’re looking for a 90 or above for gen ed and 85 or above for SWD students. The directory lists the prior year’s average of student offers at 89, without a disclaimer about if that’s gen ed and SWD averaged together, or if it’s just gen ed. Same thing with test scores. While gen ed is 3-4 and SWD is 2.75-4, the average in the directory is 3.6. That’s a question too you can ask when visiting schools. 

What the directory also DOESN’T mention, is how schools take data and other screening material into account. At NEST, 50% is grades, 5% is attendance (they count latenesses and absences separately, not all schools do), and 45% is state test grades. That breakdown is DIFFERENT FOR EVERY SCHOOL. Good to keep in mind. 

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