Bard Manhattan AND Queens assessment sign ups go live at 10am

Bard Manhattan assessment sign ups go live at 10am. You can sign up here:

They’ve got dates below that they’ll be administering the assessment and below that is what you need to bring with you day of

Bard Queens assessment sign ups ALSO go live at 10am:

Bard Queens seems to have way more options available AND they post when you’ll get results back, which is lovely. You can take the assessment in either Manhattan OR Queens, doesn’t matter. And that one assessment, in either location, is used by both schools. 

Here’s the deal: if you take the assessment later in the fall, chances are you might not hear back about getting an interview before applications are due. That’s the first bit. The second is that even if you do get results back before applications are due, your interview could happen well into January. I’m not a fan of ranking schools without knowing how an interview went. Could be your child goes and falls in love with the school, wanting to rank it higher. Or, they could walk out and feel like that’s not the place for them. That’s important info to have before you submit your application. This is just my opinion, but I wanted all the info I could possibly have before turning making final ranking decisions.

NOTE: Last year Bard Manhattan was interviewing kids well into January.