how to know when info is applicable to you in particular

First of all, today was the absolutely craziest first day of classes I’ve ever seen. Usually schools announce things before classes start or during week 2 and beyond. 

NEST (NYC) and LAB (district 2) have both advised parents who checked in with them that their sign ups would be live for real next week. We’ll see. Also, Millenium Manhattan (Manhattan) tours are full. But, they’ll be posting more in October. 

HS411 has families from all over and I’d mentioned it way back when, that I’d do my best to let you know in the subject line if the info in emails would be applicable to you. So, you’ll see BROOKLYN, DISTRICT 2, MANHATTAN, SPECIALIZED . . . if you’re not interested or you don’t live there, then don’t bother opening and reading more.

Having said that, when things are in a SUPER crunch and I’m rushing to get info out in as timely a fashion as possible, I might not get to include the specifics above in the subject line (like today with that elusive Murrow tour).

If you want more info about the schools I’m sharing info about, like size, location, screens, and more, there’s plenty listed in the HS411 handbook. I’m including it here again. You might leave it on your desktop. I use it all the time these days.