OSIS numbers and more

Some schools (as in Bard right now) might ask for OSIS numbers when signing up for things - although most don’t. Regardless, it’s good to know what your child’s OSIS number is.

IF YOU’RE AT A PRIVATE SCHOOL, you won’t have one. OSIS numbers are only for kids enrolled in public schools.

OSIS numbers usually appear on report cards. You can also find them here:


The link above is where you’ll also get state test score results.

ALSO! Write down or note somewhere what you’re signing up for and when. NOT EVERY SCHOOL SEND CONFIRMATIONS. Not every school uses the same systems to sign up. Bard Queens and Bard Manhattan have entirely different set ups. 

So, the take away this morning is write down things you sign up for, find out your child’s OSIS number (public school only) and their middle school DBN (public only). Keep all this info somewhere you’ll remember.