some more quick notes about Bard assessment sign ups (also Bard Queens is already LIVE)

It DOESN’T MATTER where you take the assessment. Both locations are good for BOTH schools.

If you take the assessment at BARD Queens but only put BARD Manhattan on your application, that’s FINE. If you take the test at Bard Manhattan and then put BOTH schools on your applications, that’s FINE. LOCATION DOESN’T MATTER.

AND, you only need to take the assessment once. DON’T sign up for it at both locations. No point. Also, if you do that, it means another kid might not be able to get a spot.

Lastly, I saw on the Bard Queens assessment sign up they’re asking for your child’s OSIS number. THAT’S ONLY FOR PUBLIC SCHOOL KIDS. Private school students don’t have OSIS numbers.

Whew! Happy first day of school folks.