*DISTRICT 2/MANHATTAN* School of the Future open house sign ups are LIVE

SOF sign ups can be found here (thanks Gisela):


NOTE: SOF interviews kids as part of their screen. There’s a mandatory essay for consideration as well but no info yet as to what it is or where to email it to (if someone else sees it, please let me know!)

This, from their website:

Step 3: Come for an Interview
All students who email an will be contacted via email with an appointment date. Please fill out and do the essay and EMAIL back to N/A

ALL interviews for high school admissions are being held N/A. There will be 2 sessions that day.  All interview requests must be in by N/A .  You will only get one chance to interview.

In addition, once the interview date is set, we ask that students bring in the following items on their interview date:

  • Student portfolio must include recent math, science, and humanities work
    (Please note any student work or information submitted will not be returned to the student.)
  • Standardized test scores