DOE video about how the high school process works (and a work about this week)

The DOE just released a videos about the middle and high admissions process. The one below is about how middle and high school offers are made. It's pretty basic but they get into the nooks and crannies about how screened schools rank kids—that part starts at about 3:20. It’s actually more specific than anything I’ve ever seen the DOE share. They also do a good job explaining how offers to specialized schools work. That’s at 9:50.


I also wanted to give you a sense of how nonsensical this process is. I heard from people at NEST, Lab, and Clinton that sign ups would go live on 9/4, 9/10, and 9/14 respectively. Obviously, none of that happened. Thank you to everyone who shared info when you saw it!

When I started my very first high school list I ended my first email with, “we’re all in this together.” That reference to High School Musical horrified my kids at the time, but it’s true.