high school and college credits (also last obsessive Bard reminder)

Some schools make college courses and credit a big part of their story. Bard is one. Manhattan Hunter Science is another. And schools can offer lots of AP and college credit options (my son will graduate with 8 APs from Brooklyn Tech). But keep in mind just because your child took these classes and hopefully did well, not all colleges will accept them for credit. It depends on the college, often on their basic requirements, on whether the high school classes fit those college descriptions. 

I assumed that all my daughter’s AP classes would earn her credit in college. Turns out one did and she bumped up to English 2 from English 1. None of her other APs were applicable in her costume design BFA program.

A note about Bard. Their courses will count if you go to Bard College and at SUNY schools, but not at most out of state colleges/universities. 

Also, Bard Manhattan open house sign ups are at 10 this morning: