Beacon ditched interviewing as part of their admissions screen:

And, for the first time EVER, they’re publishing their admissions rubric:

Now, in the portfolio required for consideration, they’re asking for 2 essays instead of one. All info about what needs to be submitted and when is at the link above. 

Some back in the day info: Beacon used to interview EVERYONE who submitted an application. My son was the last year that happened. They ditched that in favor of screening portfolios and granting interviews to some. It was a complicated system of parents signing up for interviews, not knowing if they’d get one. The first year was a mess. Many parents mistakenly got interview approvals, which were then rescinded. I would imagine the entire endeavor was exhausting for all involved. 

They also had both teachers and students doing the interviews and there was quite the disparity in questioning. It got so wacky last year I polled parents to see what was going on. While most kids were asked about academics, their school work, and essays, others were asked what flavor ice cream they’d be and why, who should be a fifth person to be carved into Mt. Rushmore, what they’d name their own business and why—ice breaker stuff like that, without anything about academics or their work. Parents were outraged and kids were frustrated. 

Also, Beacon’s been notoriously opaque about their admissions process. Looks like they’re working to change that.


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