Beacon open house

Some last minutes notes/suggestions about this open house:

Unless things change this year their open houses work like Disneyworld rides. There’s a line that grows and people are admitted, by groups, to see a presentation first before being split into smaller groups with student tour guides who take you to 2 or 3 predesignated spots. The back up happens while each big group is sitting in the cafeteria hearing the principal speak.

In each of your stops, you’ll most likely see a teacher and some students give a presentation and then there’s a Q&A - it’s all pretty brief. Once you’re in the building and past the principal (admin) presentation, they move people quickly. You WILL NOT have the opportunity to walk the building yourselves or to linger at the end.

I’d advise going earlier if you can before the line gets super long. In the past NOT everyone gets in. They cap it at a certain point and I’ve known families who were turned away who were at end of the line. People from the school came out to tell them they wouldn’t be admitted.
If you can’t make it tonight, go to the second date. No one checks what borough you live in.