Some schools ask for more than grades/test scores/attendance in their rubric. Sometimes you have to dig a little deeper to find what they’re looking for. I’m not talking about audition schools (beyond LaGuardia) who have auditions/portfolio requirements. These are regular main round schools that are looking for extra stuff.

For the schools I track here’s info and links to find out more:

They do testing and then invite some kids back for interviews. For more info:
Note: you can take the assessment at either location - it counts for both schools

They require a portfolio submission, which includes a 2 part essay, a sample of graded student work, and more.
For info (they are quite specific in their requirements:

Columbia Secondary
They require a supplemental application to be sent in and will be inviting some kids in for interviews. For more info and the application (scroll to the bottom of the page):

Frank McCourt
They have an online component of their admissions rubric that will be available in late October:

Manhattan Hunter Science
They have form that needs to be filled out and mailed, as well as a required essay (it’s noted at the top of the application):

NYC iSchool
They have an online form to fill out with several questions for kids to answer:

School of the Future
They require a portfolio submission, which includes a graded piece of work, a project your child is proud of, they allow a letter of recommendation (almost no one else accepts them at this point), and more. For info and instructions:

NOTE: Frank McCourt and School of the Future made changes for this admissions season.